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Household Budget: Why You Should Have One

We work hard to earn a living. We should make sure we spend the money we bring home wisely. That’s where a household budget comes in. It’s an excellent tool that expands our financial awareness. It gives you an idea of what’s coming in, and what’s going out. It also shows you if there’s anything […]

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How To Save For Emergency Fund

If you’ve been reading about personal finance then most likely you’ve heard about emergency fund. If for some reason you have not heard it before, head over to Emergency Fund For Beginners to learn more. After learning about emergency fund, come back and learn how to save for emergency fund. It’s just a matter of […]

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How To Create A Budget When You Do Not Know How

Budgeting is something that all of us should be doing. But how come not everyone is doing it? Only a few people actually create a budget. There has been a lot of misconception about budgeting. Some think that budgeting is restricting yourself to have a life. Others believe that budgeting is only for those who […]

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Emergency Fund For Beginners

If you are new to the financial world, then emergency fund might be totally foreign to you. However, you’ll pretty soon find out that everyone should know and should have it. EMERGENCY FUND So first things first what exactly is an emergency fund? Basically, it is a pool of money that you set aside to […]

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How To Smartly Dodge Financial Scams

With the benefits of the ease of communication in the world today, there come a few drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is the amount of financial scams that are circulating. We must all aware of these tactics, in order to avoid them. Therefore, we can invest our finances in the right places that will actually […]

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